Sunday, March 09, 2008

Australian School Buys Eee PCs

According to a news report (Asus sells Eee PC to All Hallows School, Lilia Guan
4 March 2008 02:36PM), a Brisbane private secondary school is purchasing 130 Asus Eee PCs for student use. The screen and keyboard of the Eee PC a bit small and I would think it would better suit younger primary students (the ones the OLPC is designed for), rather than secondary students. For senior students, a 9 inch screen in a case about A4 paper size (210 × 297 mm) would be better. But the school appears very advanced in its use of computers and I guess they know what they are doing:

All Hallows' offers an extensive computer network comprising of a 10 gigabit fibre optic loop backbone supporting 6 laboratory's (31 computers per lab) and 10 flexible Learning areas (15 computers per area). The Potter and McAuley libraries provide students with a highly IT integrated environment. Internet and access to online digital resources is provided from all computers and wireless devices on campus.

Teaching and Learning spaces are enhanced with multimedia (42) and/or Interactive whiteboards (40) that increase the motivation and engagement of students in the learning process.

In 2005 All Hallows' commenced a trial partly funded by the Australian Federal Government under the ASISTM (Australian Schools Innovation in Science, Technology and Mathematics) looking at ways of integrating Pocket PCs in to the curriculum. In 2005, 180 students, in the areas of Business and Mathematics carried Pocket PCs that connect to the extensive wireless network and the All Hallows' Learning Management System (MoodleBlue). During 2006, this trial was extended to 310 students. ...

From: School Report, All Hallows' School, 2007

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