Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Teleworking talk, Canberra,

The Australian Computer Society is having a talk on Teleworking by Bevis England from Telework Australia on 9 April:
Australian Computer Society

with Telework Australia's Bevis England

Wednesday 9th April 2008

Telework is an innovative and flexible working practise that delivers many business benefits.

In 2004 the Australian Government established a telework taskforce to advise on the options and impediments to the development of telework for employees and businesses. This taskforce, the Australian Telework Advisory Committee (ATAC), had it's final meeting in February 2006 at which it recommended that Government encourage the growth of telework. In support of the recommendations made by ATAC, the Telework Australia resource centre was established to help promote the benefits which telework can deliver to business.

So what is Telework? At it's simplest, Telework 'work from a distance' but it covers a wide range of work forms and can have many names. It is about people; how they work, how they interact and how they prepare for an increasingly changing world. And it's about flexibility: flexible work locations and work times, flexible management structures and flexible responses to the challenges of change.

In this session, Telework's Bevis England will clarify many of the misunderstandings surrounding telework and explain just why there is such a need for flexibility in the workplace as well as discussing the the role that telework can play in providing that flexibility and its many benefits to organisations.


Bevis England

New Zealand born Bevis England was educated in New Zealand and Australia, gaining a degree (Politics) from the University of Western Australian in 1976. He then lived and worked in Scotland and Hong Kong with extensive travel throughout Europe, the USA and Asia before returning to New Zealand in 1986.

Bevis started working in the "Telework" field in 1989, researching, studying and and promoting the concept to individuals, companies, communities and Governments.

Telework New Zealand was established in 1997 to provide a wide range of services in the telework field and was contacted by the Australian Federal Government to produce and manage the Telework Australia initiative in early 2007.

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