Monday, November 26, 2007

Web to help Australian Government Changes

The ALP released policies for savings of $10B in Australian government expenditure, leading up to the federal election. These policies involve new programs and streamlining of existing ones. ICT will play a significant role in implementation of these polices. The internet and the web, in particular can be used to make the process much easier.

The savings and offsets announcements were in three annoucements. These were provided to the Treasury and Finance departments, so no doubt work has already started on how to implement this policy:

The policy included:
  1. Replacing the work skill vouchers with more TAFE places ($623 millio),
  2. Abolishing the Access Card Project ($933 million);
  3. Implementing a Solar Schools initiative with funds from the Green Vouchers program ($285 million);
  4. Better Dental Plan for Australians in place of the Chronic Disease Dental program ($372 million);
  5. Implement Better Tax Plan ($3.1 billion);
  6. Increase tax compliance ($740 million).
  7. 2 per cent increase in the efficiency dividend ($1.5 billion);
  8. Introduction of common purchasing arrangements ($150 million); and
  9. Reduce MPs printing allowance ($23.4 million);
  10. Reduce ministerial staff by 30 per cent ($101.5 million);
  11. Reduce parliamentary liaison officers ($52.5 million);
  12. Abolish the Government Communications Unit ($19.6 million);
  13. Cut back on media monitoring ($12 million).

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