Saturday, November 24, 2007

Everex Green PC

Everex TC2502 Green gPC w/ Via C7-D ProcessorEverex are selling a GPC (Green PC) through Walmart in the USA for $US199. This comes with the gOS distribution of the Linux operating system and a mix of open source (Mozilla Firefox, 2.2 and GIMP) and Google Applications such as gMail and Blogger. The hardware specifications are similar to the Zonbu PC, with a 1.5GHz VIA C7-D Processor and 512MB RAM, Ethernet Port, VGA, 6 USB 2.0 Ports, but unlike the Zonbu it has a 80GB Hard Disk and is in a conventional PC mini-tower case. While the Everex and Walmart web sites mention a CD-ROM/DVD burner, it is not clear if this is included in the $US199 price.

It is likely that we will see more such "Green" computers, made by using a low power CPU, Linux and a minimum of peripherals. Both the Everex GPC and the Zonbu are over-specified for the application. The Everex uses large standard PC components to lower cost, with a cheap beige box, whereas the Zonbu appears to be using an over-engineered set-top box case. A lower cost unit could be designed using the same VIA single board computer in a simple steel case larger than the Zonbu, but smaller than the Everex. To reduce the cost further, the Fash memory (for a diskless unit), could be via a USB connector, omitting the flash card slot of the Zonbu.

It will be interesting to see which packaging of components and which level of features will appeal to the consumer and to business. A box which looks like a PC will appeal to some consumers, even though this will be mostly empty space. A small slim box will appeal to others.


Tom Worthington said...

Protac international Computers Australia appear to be about to start selling the "Excel gPC", a similar unit to the Everex GPC in Australia for $AU499. Unlike the WalMart offering, this appears to include an LCD screen in the price.

Tom Worthington said...

I noticed the Everex Green PC (GPC) is being offered on for $US199.99