Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scottish Green ICT Strategy

The Scottish Government has issued "Scotland’s Digital Future: Scottish Public SectorGreen ICT Strategy" (April 2015) for their public sector. The report is largely based on the UK Government's strategy. (the same five level "ICT Sustainability Maturity Model" is used).

The report cites the Climate Change (Scotland) Act, 2009, which has a target of a 42% reduction in CO2 by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Also "Low Carbon Scotland: Meeting the Emissions Reduction Targets 2013-2027" report (2013). In terms of e-waste there is a Scottish Landfill Tax and Zero Waste Plan.

The report mentions skills requirements, but there is no specific requirement for ICT Sustainability skills of IT professionals employed or engaged by government and no targets for for having staff trained to impalement tie ICT Sustainability strategy. If the did want to train staff, the Scotti Government are welcome to make use of my "ICT Sustainability" course.

The report also covers some principles:
Procurement principles
  • Consider extending the life of existing systems
  • Go for Services not Assets: Cloud services, virtualise, consolidate
  • Packaging reduction, re-use, repair and re-cycling methods
ICT Operations principles
  • Minimise power consumption
  • Follow data centre standards for efficient operations to help reduce
  • power consumption
  • Develop a road map for the transition from hosting own data to hosting in
  • cloud based services to further reduce power consumption
  • Reduce paper consumption
  • Embed green behaviours in operational practices and services
Disposal principles
  • Re-pair - if broken fix it
  • Re-use, Re-furbish for other purposes
  • Re-cycle
  • Clean and re-sell/donate - charitable and registered voluntary and
  • community groups
  • Dispose in line with regulations.

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