Sunday, March 30, 2014

Australia Post Lockers

Australia Post has installed postal lockers next to the Annandale Post Office, Booth Street, Annandale, NSW. Customers can retrieve parcels 24 hours a day with a PIN. The same style lockers are installed inside the Canberra GPO.

The lockers have a central screen and keypad for the customer to enter the code to retrieve their parcel. The doors to the individual lockers are flush, with no exposed handles or hinges and no numbers.

On the outdoor unit at Annandale, there is an awning over the central screen. However, there is no protection over the locker doors. As a result the customer (and their parcel) could get wet, when they are retrieving it. I suggest these units should be equipped with a shelter over the entire unit, protecting the front, sides and back. As well as rain, the units (and the customers) should be protected from the harsh Australian summer sun.

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