Saturday, June 01, 2013

Australia's Cyber Security

Technical Advisor, CERT Australia will speak on "Current trends in Cyber Security" at the Australian Computer Society in Canberra, 2nd July 2013.

ACS Branch Forum: Current trends in Cyber Security

CERT Australia’s views on current and emerging threats in the Cyber Security landscape, and what ICT Professionals can do to combat them.

The last 12 months have clearly shown that no company can assume that they are immune to ICT Security threats, or assume that they will not be a target. While the focus of security is usually on preventing a threat from causing damage, having effective plans to deal with the aftermath of an incident is critical to maintaining security.
Topics covered will include targeted intrusions, 2nd tier targeting, industrial control systems, Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDOS), and will include several Australian case studies.

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