Friday, June 07, 2013

Future of Education at ANU

Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington will speak on the future of education at the Australian National University in Canberra, 24 June 2013 in a presentation entitled ‘Navigating the Edge of the World’.

Marnie Hughes-Warrington presenting at ANU IT Forum June 24
28 May, 2013 By Hayley Calderwood
Marnie Hughes-Warrington Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) will present her keynote presentation from the THETA conference held in April, ‘Navigating the Edge of the World’ at the upcoming ANU IT Forum. Refreshments will be served. All ANU staff are welcome to attend. Please RSVP to

The forum will be held on Monday 24 June 2013, from 3–4.00pm in the Innovations Lecture Theatre, Building 124.

The history of education is punctuated by disruptive changes, and some people have even argued that it is the point of education to be disruptive. Drawing on her background in world history and her role as the head of ANU Online—a technology supported initiative that takes a new lens to programs, people and possible futures—Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington will explore what it means for staff and students to navigate the edge of the world, including the critical role of relationships in education, and whether current trends in education are radically different to the past.


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