Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Challenges for Early Career Academics

Greetings from the Commonwealth Solar Observatory at Mount Stromlo in Canberra. I am taking part in Early Career Academic Retreat for the next two days, with new staff from the Australian National University. I will be speaking to the group tomorrow about "Learning to Teach Using e-Learning for Early Career Academics".

In "Raising the Stakes: Gambling with the future of universities" (University Of Queensland Press, 2013), Peter Coaldrake and Lawrence Stedman look at where Australian universities came from and where they might be going. The common room at the observatory has a panoramic view of the Brindabella Ranges, and the early morning fog. Hopefully the fog of uncertainty of the future of higher education will lift a little during the next two days.

Some tipics for discussion are:
  1. Awards to encourage ECAs
  2. Transition from contract to continuing position
  3. Grant application support
  4.  Improvements to the extrnal funding model
  5. Teaching sklills for ECAs
  6. On-line education training for ECAs
  7. Changes to ANU degree stuctures and their effect on ECAs
  8. Assessment of teaching performance for ECAs

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