Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Australian Attitudes to Privacy and the Internet

Had a call from the media asking for comment on "Privacy and the Internet: AUSTRALIAN ATTITUDES TOWARDS PRIVACY IN THE ONLINE ENVIRONMENT", from the Centre for Internet Security at University of Canberra. The survey results seem reasonable. The only surprise is that women feel more secure than men online:
Key Findings
  • 85% of online Australians believe data breach notification should be mandatory for business
  • Australians nominated identity theft (86%) and loss of financial data (83%) as their areas of greatest privacy concern.
  • The financial sector is most trusted on privacy (42%), followed by government and the eCommerce sectors
  • Social media is the least trusted industry on privacy (1%). In fact, 61% of respondents nominated the social media industry as having the worst privacy practices
  • Overall, women feel more secure than men online, and younger people (18-29 years old) feel more secure than older people (50+ years old)

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