Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Best of GovCamp Videos

Best of GovCamp, is a collection of short videos from previous GovCamp, GovHack and related events for showing at GovCamp Canberra 2012.

I did not do any editing, as I found there was already an excellent three part video hosted by Senator Lundy, about GovHack. So interspersed this with screen-casts from Mashup Australia and videos from other such events around the world (all of which I found on YouTube):
  • Teapots Animation
  • Behind the scenes at GovHack - Part 1
  • Fridgemate
  • Behind the scenes at GovHack - Part 2
  • NeoGopher Mashup Australia Screencast
  • Behind the scenes at GovHack - Part 3
  • GovCamp Singapore 2.0
This about an hour in total, which should be more than enough. It can be played with the sound off and the "Closed Captions" turned on (but not the auto-capture captions as they are amusing, rather than useful).

Suggestions for additions would be welcome, as would an edited version.

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