Saturday, May 26, 2012

Learning to Unravel Complexity

The Australian National University runs a series of "Vice-Chancellor's Courses", to encourage students to look beyond their own discipline. Courses now open are:

Unravelling Complexity

Dr Shayne FlintConvener: Dr Shayne Flint

This course takes up this challenge by offering latter year students from any part of the ANU the opportunity to explore a series of complex issues. The connections between economic, historical, social, legal, scientific, engineering, environmental and moral dimensions of complex problems will be explored.

The course will examine the linked themes of ‘collapse’ and ‘resilience’. Case studies will include global financial crises, the collapse of empires, contemporary ‘failing’ states, pandemics, engineering and network failures and the moral and legal dimensions of these issues.

Creating Knowledge

Dr Mary Kilcline Cody Convener: Mary Kilcline Cody

We will explore:

In February 2013:

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