Tuesday, June 09, 2009

IBM's smarter economy

Glen BorehamGlen Boreham, Managing Director IBM Australia and New Zealand is speaking on "Towards a smarter economy" at the National Press Club of Australia, Wednesday 10, June 2009. I assume he will be discussing IBM's "Smarter Planet" initiative, with Smart Utilities, Smart Traffic, Smart Infrastructure and other examples of dematerialisation. I will try to do a live blog report from the event. I made a press club address on "Australia's 'Net Futures" in 1996.
When people have more information, they make smarter decisions.

In Germany, 6 million households are reducing their electricity bills, because an intelligent energy grid gives them enough information to do so.

In Sweden, an intelligent road system gives Stockholm’s commuters enough information to reduce traffic congestion by 25% and carbon emissions by 40%.

If Australians had more information about the impact of their decisions – on their pocket, on the environment, on their quality of life, on GDP – they would act very differently.

Glen Boreham will contend that – as we invest billions in building infrastructure through the stimulus package – Australia has a unique opportunity to embed intelligence into every road, building, city and utility grid.

In his view, the information this would generate would empower our citizens, businesses and governments to get behind the issues that affect us all.

Mr Boreham will look to a future where the sum of millions of smarter decisions help us to use less energy, make far more efficient use of our water resources, unclog our congested cities and boost our GDP – creating a smarter, sustainable economy.

Glen Boreham is the Managing Director of IBM Australia and New Zealand having been appointed to this role in January, 2006. He manages a business of nearly 15,000 employees and annual revenues of $4 Billion.

Mr Boreham began his career in 1986 in Sydney, Australia. Since then, he has held senior positions in IBM across sales, general management, business development and operations. Mr Boreham has substantial global experience having worked for two years in Japan and over six years in Europe.

He holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney, and completed a Managing Director’s programme from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

In June 2008, Mr Boreham was appointed to serve as the inaugural Chair of Screen Australia. Screen Australia is the Australian Government’s agency responsible for developing a competitive film and television industry while providing support for projects of cultural significance.

In addition, Mr Boreham is a member of the Business Council of Australia and is Deputy Chairman of the Australian Information Industry Association. He serves on the Board of the Australian Chamber Orchestra and is a Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia.

In 2007, Mr Boreham was named by the Australian Financial Review in the top five most powerful leaders in information industries. In April 2008, Mr Boreham participated in the Australian Government’s 2020 Summit, working on the future of the Australian economy. ...

From: Towards a smarter economy, National Press Club of Australia, 2009

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