Friday, June 05, 2009

Making Sydney Sustainable

Dialogues in urban planning book launchThe next presentation in the University of Sydney "Current Thinking Series" is "Making Sydney's Future Sustainable", 17 June 2009. I attended the April event with Kristina Keneally, NSW Minister for Planning and this was well worthwhile. The June event is the launch of the book "Dialogues in urban planning: towards sustainable regions" by Tony Gilmour.

This book is timely as the federal government has promised $91 million for planning the Sydney West Metro. The funding is for pre-construction, planning, design and engineering works, so the project can be put to public tender in 2010. However, the NSW government has a poor track record in such metro projects and some wider thinking about transport and sustainable development for Sydney would be worthwhile.

Unfortunately Sydney University Press have not managed to get the book into the catalogue yet

Making Sydney's Future Sustainable

In an age when the buzzword is 'sustainability', why do we continue to build unsustainable cities and regions? Are there alternatives to car-clogged streets, suburban McMansions and degraded natural environments?

This presentation celebrates the launch of 'Dialogues in urban planning: towards sustainable regions' by Sydney University Press, a book showcasing research by staff and doctoral research candidates at the University of Sydney. The event will feature a panel of well-known Sydney scholars. The 'Q&A' format should encourage a lively debate.

If you have questions you would like the panel to consider, please forward them to Sue Lalor when you RSVP. The panel will include:

Professor Richard Hyde, international sustainable architectural design specialist

Professor Peter Phibbs, pioneer of urban sustainability and climate change initiatives in western Sydney

Professor Ed Blakely, recent 'reconstruction tsar' for New Orleans and prime mover behind Sydney's metropolitan strategy

Associate Professor Nicole Gurran, land use planner and expert on the growth of sea-change communities

Tony Gilmour, affordable housing expert and lead editor of Dialogues in Urban Planning

For more information on this event, please download the event flyer.

The event is free of charge and will be held at the University of Sydney in the Wilkinson Building, 148 City Road. If you would like to come please RSVP to Sue Lalor on (02) 9351 2686 or via email at

*This event attracts PIA Professional Development points. ...

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Hi there,
Although the book is not yet available through Amazon, it is available directly from the publisher, or by taking the details to your local bookshop to order.
Dialogues in Urban Planning: Towards Sustainable Regions.
Postage from Australia is much cheaper and quicker!