Sunday, June 07, 2009

Folding Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycle foldabe 20 inch
At the Balmain Markets in Sydney on Saturday, Albert Iesho was displaying electric bicycles from Electric Velocity. One which caught my eye was a 20 inch folder. As well as sales they also arrange rentals.

All the bicycles on display used the same basic layout, with a rear hub mounted 200 Watt motor and a 36V, 8Ah Lithium battery in a slide out canister just in front of the rear wheel. The folding 20 inch bicycle used the same motor and batter as the larger units and is slightly cheaper. But lacks gears, a luggage carrier and full mudguards.

The idea with these bicycles is that you can pull the batter cartridge out and carry it inside to be recharged.

The battery and motor are most of the cost of such units. The bicycle accounts for about $500 of the cost.
Foldable Electric Bike
Cost: $1,300
Frame: Aluminium alloy
Motor: 200W brushless hub
Battery: 36V, 8Ah LiFePO4
Speed: 25 Km/hr on level road
Range: 30 Km depending on terrain
Brakes: Front U-brake & rear mini-expanding brake

L X W X H(mm): 1540 X 630 X 1070
Wheel: 20 inch spokes wheel, M-finish rim
Gear: Single Speed
Battery Life: 1000 cycles
Power Mode: Throttle or 1:1 Pedal Assist
Charging Time: 6-8 Hours for 0 to Max charging
Colour: Silver & Black or Orange & Black

From: Electric Velocity, 2009

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