Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My First Blended Course: Part 6

Having decided to create a Blended Course about Web Design at ANU, my fifth task was to expand the networking content. But another issue which came up with the web design content was how much of AJAX and Web 2.0 to cover. My preference was to leave this out completely, as it is an advanced topic. In some ways, Web 2.0 web pages are not really web pages but are interactive computer applications. However, it might be worth tacking an additional section on at the end of JavaScript: "AJAX and Web 2.0" to introduce the topic.

Another issue is how online to make the course. E-learning is relatively new to the ANU's Computer Science department and a new LMS is to be used. So a cautious approach should be taken. The content will be provided online via the LMS, plus some assessment. However much of the material will be presented face-to-face and there will be conventional lectures and examinations. A student could, in theory, download the material, do the exercises, never attending a lecture or tutorial. They need only turn up for the examinations. However, they would have to be a very motivated student to do this, as these are not designed to be online e-learning courses.

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