Monday, January 26, 2009

Environment department used 30 sheets of paper per person per day

The "Triple Bottom Line Report 2003-04" of the Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2004 (ISBN 0 642 55046 8) reported they purchased 14,300 reams of A4 paper. That is 15.08 reams per person per year, or 30 sheets per person per day. They were to conduct a paper audit by end 2005 and establish a data collection system for outsourced printing. Unfortunately this seems to be the last such report put out by the Department. The Australian Public Service might like to set a target for the use of paper for all agencies of no more than one sheet per day per person. It should be possible to monitor this electronically direct from the systems.

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Wildlywicked's Team of Women said...

Thats the goverment for you, they just like to waste our hard earned money...I like it where the council charges you for recycling your rubbish and you do all the recycling yourself and they make all the money.