Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Waterproof LED lights

IP67 LED ModuleRecently I came across LED lighting modules which are claimed to be water proof (rated to IP67). They come in strings of ten lights, each with three LEDs, sealed in resin. Each light is connected to the next with a short cable and these can be cut so they can be used separately, with each one working out at $2. The lights are bright enough for illuminating a stairway.

Endless possibilities - backlighting signs, strip lighting in stairwells & passageways, boats, garages etc. Supplied with 3 LEDs per module, 10 modules, with 500mm flying leads for termination. Each module is spaced at approximately 110mm between centres. Simply connect up a 12VDC 600mA supply and away you go.

Two types:
ZD-0490 10 x 3 LED Module White
ZD-0492 10 x 3 LED Module Blue

• IP67 rated
• Waterproof and submersible
• Resin sealed
• Adhesive backed for quick installation
• Brightness per LED:
• White: 1200 - 1500mcd
• Blue: 600 - 800mcd
• Dimensions:
• Each module: 47(L) x 17(W) x 6(H)mm
• Total length: Approx. 1m
• LED spacing: 15.6mm

From: IP67 LED Modules, Jaycar Electronics, 2007

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