Friday, January 11, 2008

Tata Nano Indian Small Car

Tata Nano CarTata Motors of India announced the Tata Nano on 10 January, 2008 and intended for volume production in 2008. The Nano has a 160kW 624 cc 2-cylinder rear mounted petrol engine with claimed 4.55 l/100 km meeting Euro-IV emission standards.

The Nano is similar in layout and size to the Mitsubishi i, a Japanese Kei class car. The basic model is intended to cost Rs 100,000 (about US$2500). The car is 3,100 mm long, 1,500 mm wide and 1,600 mm high.

Electric or Hybrid?

The Nano is targeted at Indian families who currently use a motor scooter for transport. This has been criticized for leading to more fuel consumption and pollution in Indian cities. As a lightweight small car, the Nano has potential for conversion to pure electric battery operation like the Indian Reva Electric Car. Tata has not announced any plans to make one. However, third party after market conversion is possible, as has been done with the Toyota Yaris/Echo.

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