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More Indian Electric Cars

Bavina  yc 1021 Electric Car
Bavina Enterprises, of Chennai, India announced 17 December 2007, battery operated cars to be assembled in India. There are two and four door models. The two door model is similar in appearance to the Mercedes Fortwo Smart Car. These cars appear to have conventional steel bodies, unlike the plastic panels of the Indian made Reva electric car. Parts will be initially imported from China.

It is unlikely that these vehicles would meet European or Australian safety regulations (Reva was approved in the UK not as a car, but a quadricycle).


Length x Width x Height
yc 1021Two door?
yc 1021 2Four door2608 x 1515 x 1526mm
yc e carFour door3020 x 1515 x 1520mm
yc 1021 3Four door3020 x 1515 x 1520mm


Bavina  yc e car Electric Car

Bavina Enterprises have only supplied specifications for the four door models, not the two door yc 1021.

All the four door models, except the yc 1021 2, have a 48V DC 3 kw drive system (12 V axillary electrics), with a 25A charger and six conventional 12V/200AH lead acid batteries weighing 384kg, with a claimed life of 500 charges. The yc 1021 2 has a more powerful 72V DC 4.5 kw motor, but the same batteries.

Bavina  yc 1021 2 Electric Car

Claimed range is 130km. All are rear wheel drive and claimed to be able to climb a 30 degree slope. Maximum speed is 55km/h, but can be limited to 40km/h. Minimum ground clearance is 110 mm, and wheelbase 2560 mm. Turning diameter is 4.6m with rack-and-pinion steering and 155-80R1277T tires. Net weight is given as 790kg for all vehicles, despite their different sizes. There is a hand operated parking brake for the rear-wheels.

Bavina yc 1021 3 Electric Car

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