Thursday, January 03, 2008

ICT Predictions 2008

There are a few lists of predications for the computer industry in 2008, so I thought I would add my own:
  1. THICK THIN CLIENT GOES MAINSTREAM: The diskless Apple Mac sub notebook released in January at Macworld 08 in San Francisco makes flash based computers respectable. Other brands scramble to make diskless models and use open source operating systems and applications software to lower the cost, reduce hardware requirements and speed development. By the end of 2008 a $500 Linux computer is considered the standard home and office computer. These units have similar specifications to the Zombu and ASUS Eee PC, with a modest performance processor, 512 Mb to 1 Gb of RAM, 2 to 4Gbytes of Flash memory and no disk drive. Apart from basic office applications on flash, other services, such as data backup and legacy Microsoft Windows applications are provided via remote servers over the Internet.
  2. MOBILE DATA EVERYWHERE: Mobile companies drop the price of their mobile broadband to compete with new wireless services and wired services. These are still slower than wired services, but fast enough for ipTV.
  3. IPTV: ip based TV is offered by an increasing range of ISPs. The range of channels is still limited and is "world TV" rather than the USA/UK material provided by pay TV channels. But the Albanian wrestling channel become a hit. ISPs offer a free "quad play" set top box with their service: this provides a Linux based thin client computer, Internet access, a phone service and ipTV with hundreds of free channels in the one box.