Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How to Create On-line University Courses in Electronic Archiving: Part 3 - What does ANU offer?

Following on from Part 2 - What else is out there?, I had a quick look to see if any ANU courses had content on electronic records/archives management. Apart from my own lectures I couldn't find any.

Some courses which have relevant content and might be used in a Graduate Certificate (made up of three to four courses) or a Graduate Diploma (made up of six to eight courses) were:
  1. COMP1130 Data Structures and Algorithms I
  2. COMP1710 Tools for New Media & the Web
  3. COMP2410 Networked Information Systems
  4. COMP3410 Information Technology in Electronic Commerce
  5. COMP3420 Advanced Databases and Data Mining
  6. COMP3760 Project Work in Information Systems
  7. COMP6442 Software Construction for eScience
  8. SRES2015 Introduction to Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
  9. INFS1001 Foundations of Electronic Commerce and Information Systems
  10. INFS2024 Information Systems Analysis
  11. INFS3024 Information Systems Management
  12. INFS7003 Databases and Information Systems
  13. INFS7006 Information Systems And Communication Technologies
  14. INFS7007 Information Systems Analysis and Modelling
  15. INFS8004 Information Systems Management in Organisations
  16. INFS8205 Strategic Information Systems
For the purposes of short in-service training these courses would be each divided into 2 or 3 "modules", which could be undertaken individually.

Added to this would need to be new modules specifically on the problem area.

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