Monday, November 20, 2006

Document Security Issues for Government

Security seems an issue after the Australian National Audit Office released report on "Recordkeeping including the Management of Electronic Records" on 12 October 2006. IXC, NICTA and Canon are holding a free forum on 6 December 2006 in Canberra, on:
  • Emerging document security threats
  • Information leakage and its impact on corporate reputation
  • Policy-driven document rights management
  • Paper security – the forgotten frontier
  • Document security innovations
  • Ashley Cross – General Manager, Security Branch, Department of Communications, Information
  • Technology and the Arts (DCITA)
  • Dr Renato Iannella, Program Leader, Smart Applications for Emergencies, NICTA
  • Tim Conway, Strategic Business Group, Canon Australia
  • Kylie McKinley, Head, Community Engagement and Communications Unit, ACT Government
Details and registration at IXC.

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