Wednesday, November 22, 2006

ACS Digital Library

The ACS Digital Library is now on-line, using the Open Journal System, under a Creative Commons licence for Open Access to all papers. I would welcome your comments, corrections and suggestions.

The addresses of each publication are:

* Australasian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS),
* Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology (JRPIT),
* Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology (CRPIT).

So far there is not much there. The intention is to let the Editor, Craig McDonald, shake out the bugs in setting up AJIS. For the moment CRPIT and JRPIT entries just refer readers to the existing web site. Apart from AJIS, the current production process, rather than the one built into the OJS system, will be used.

When we have AJIS working we will cut other journals over to the OJS system and load back issues.

I am still waiting for DOIs to be issued for ACS. When they arrive we will see how the go for AJIS. In theory the system should allocate a DOI to each article (only refereed ones, not editorials or book reviews) and then make it available via OAI. But I suspect more work will be needed to get it to work.

For the philosophy behind the way I have configured the system see my ANU talk. See if you can spot where the advertising business model has been implemented on the new ACS site. My academic colleagues are nervous about advertising, so we are starting small, but I think the advertising revenue will cover all journal costs within a year.

One question I have is how to include metadata about the authors of articles, so that we can fulfill Evan Arthur's wishlist for DEST and have all the papers searchable by institution.

ps: In November 1996 I attended a meeting in the UK with other leaders of the world's IT professional bodies, to sort out our publishing. I thought this might take a few months to do. More than ten years later, I am still working it out. ;-)

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