Thursday, November 09, 2006

Electronic Government Book Online

The UNDP has made some of the books it published free on-line via Wikibooks. An example is E-government, by Patricia J. Pascual.

The goal of this primer is to clarify the major issues surrounding e-government, as well as to provide readers with best practices in e-governance in the developing world. Leaders committed to e-government are demonstrating that by combining technology with new ways of operating, government can be made much more effective, efficient, transparent and responsive.

From: Introduction, E-government, Patricia J. Pascual, UNDP-APDIP, 2003

* Preface
* Introduction
* Definition
* The Goals of E-Government
* E-Government and Human Development
* The Challenges of E-Government
* The Importance of a National Strategic Framework for E-Government
* Making E-Government Happen
* Further Reading
* Notes
* Acknowledgements
* About the Author
From: E-government, Patricia J. Pascual, UNDP-APDIP, 2003
As well as being a free resource, the Wikibooks have the advantage of being in the accessible and efficient web format used by the Wikipedia. Many e-books are hard to get and read as they are large PDF files. The Wikibooks are divided into chapters, each a web page. This makes them easy to get and the web format means they display well on screen (and even on a mobile phone). As an example the PDF original version of E-Govenrment is 189Kbytes. The web version is about 32 kbytes for a large chapter.

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