Thursday, November 02, 2006

E-government Service Architectures, 24 November, Canberra

NICTA Breakfast Seminars
Performance Assessment for Service Architectures
Dr. Jenny Liu, NICTA Empirical Software Engineering (ESE) program
Canberra, Friday November 24, 2006

Dr Liu’s team has developed a capacity planning method and prediction model (e-PASA) to evaluate performance and scalability of e-government service architectures. Working collaboratively with an Australian Government agency, they have been able to test and validate their e-PASA work on a new Australian Government e-service. We will present the results of this collaborative research project and discuss opportunities for further collaborative research in the area of e-government.

This seminar is suited to management and senior technical staff in all government and industry organisations.

From: NICTA Breakfast Seminars, NICTA, 2006
Having been taken to lunch by the NICTA's Empirical Software Engineering Research team, I can recommend any event where they are providing catering. ;-)

For those interested in the topic, some books:
ps: e-Government seems to be in vogue at the moment. After the release of the Australian National Audit Office report on management of electronic records in government agencies. I have been asked to prepare a training course for senior government executives. This can use the very good guidelines produced by the government, which I use for ANU undergraduate and postgraduate students. So it really is a case of the consultant borrowing your watch to tell you the time. ;-)

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