Friday, October 13, 2006

Electric Cars an Australian Political Issue

I was interviewed on radio today about electric cars in Australia. This is odd as I not an electric car expert (as I told the interviewer).

I saw an Indian made Reva electric car on a visit to India and I wrote about this while there. Then Reva released a show-car model with a computer in the dashboard, so I wrote about that.

Also I mentioned there is a home built Australian electric car by Shaun Williams. He retrofitted a second hand Toyota Echo and had it registered in Brisbane.

This has now become topical because the documentary program Who Killed the Electric Car? was mentioned on SBS Dateline and is coming to Australia (you can now download the video as well as order the DVD).

Greens Senator Christine Milne issued a media release 11 October about problems a local importer is having getting the Reva car approved for use in Australia (although they are already on London streets):
Greens transport spokesperson Senator Christine Milne said the federal government's delay in issuing the necessary permits to enable the Reva trial was unacceptable when the Indian-manufactured vehicle had been approved for use in the European Union, Japan and Malta, and was being tested in several other markets, including the USA.
If anyone hears the interview, perhaps they could let me know what station it was on (I forgot to make a note).

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Tom Worthington said...

The Australian Electric Echo Car now has a blog.