Friday, October 27, 2006

Cardboard Eco-Coffins Not Permitted in Canberra

Along with energy/water efficient technologies, and building/transport options at the Canberra home and leisure show were cardboard coffins.

Janine Toscan and an Eco-Coffin

Janine Toscan from Toscan Dinn Funerals displayed the Life Art Eco-Coffin. These are essentially cardboard boxes, optionally decorated with your selection of painted art. Unfortunately the ACT Government will not permit you to be cremated in one of these at present (burying is okay). I signed the petition Janine had, asking for the rules to be changed. If you think this is a good idea, you might like to send a note to Mr John Hargreaves, ACT Minister for Territory and Municipal Services.

Fibreboard (another name for cardboard) is made from recycled paper and cardboard and is fully bio-degradable. The fibreboard used in all Enviroboard coffins is specially selected for its strength and suitability for burial as well as for cremation.

Enviroboard coffins are made from an extra thick toughwall: a patented design which provides the strength and carrying capacity of the coffin.

Other features

  • It has passed the regulatory requirements governing burials and cremations.
  • It can be carried by the 4 or 6 handles.
  • It can withstand rainfall.
  • It is fully assembled with quality drapery and handles.
  • It is available as part of the service offered by your funeral home.

From: Enviroboard story, LifeArt, 2005

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