Tuesday, October 31, 2006

UK Government e-Pay toolkit for Local Government

In looking at EasyBiz from Victorian Government to reduce paperwork for business, I noticed the UK government had an e-Pay toolkit:

e-Pay is a National Project funded by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and developed by the local authority partners ... It's aimed squarely at demystifying the complex world of e-Payments and providing an extensive information resource, in the form of this toolkit, to guide Councils through the steps necessary to effectively implement an e-payment solution. ...

From: About the e-Pay toolkit, Bristol City, Bath & NE Somerset, Hammersmith & Fulham, North Somerset, UK

This was part of the UK Local e-Gov project, which ended in April 2006. The UK seems to have replaced this with a Local t-Gov Project for 2006-07.

At the end of the local e-gov programme in March 2006 the brief to migrate this new-found 'community of interest' to the new Transformation agenda was assigned to the London Borough of Newham, with the aim of communicating how the outputs of the local e-gov National Projects could be used by English local authorities to deliver Transformational Local Government.

This website has been commissioned by the London Borough of Newham on behalf of the National Projects Programme.

From: About us, t-gov builds on e-gov
The UK seems to have a more fragmented and ad-hoc approach to this than Australian governments.

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