Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Credit card size USB Flash Drive

SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus with USBThe fashion in giving presentations now is to use a USB flash drive. But I don't like carrying around one on my key ring. An alternative I have found is the SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus with USB. This is an SD flash memory card which bends in the middle to reveal a USB plug. I got the 512MB model locally for $AU29 (also available with 1 GB and 2 GB).

Being a Secure Digital (SD) card, the device is about the size of a postage stamp and much thinner than a USB plug (about 2 mm).

I carry the SD card in my mobile phone, which has a SD socket. Alternatively it would fit easily in a wallet. The card comes with a small soft plastic carry case and a hard plastic keyfob (like a memory stick).

What would be more useful is a credit card sized carry case. This could hold four SD cards, slip in a wallet and hold 8 GB. Such cases exist as third party products (holding as many as eight SD cards), but are not cheap and a bit bulkier than they need be:
Memory Card Storage Wallet
This memory card wallet consists of a stiff plastic outer shell that is stuffed with thick, heavy rubber holders. The case is heavier than it looks and weighs a couple of ounces. It will support a lot of weight on it without damaging the cards. ...

From: SD Secure Digital Memory Card Storage Wallet, DMSPSD8 , HAKUBA USA INC, Amazon.com

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