Sunday, April 28, 2013

Attitude Analysis and Development Tool from Sri Lanka

Greetings from the 8th International Conference on Computer Science and Education (ICCSE 2013) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where V.Mohanadarshan is speaking on "Symphony: Attitude Analysis and Development Tool". The idea is to use games with a wholesome content to teach students good behavior and assess it. This may seem a little like brainwashing, but otherwise the child might only be exposed to games which do not include socially beneficial values.
The presence of good behavioural and positive attitudes in human beings is extremely important to lead a life of respect. This paper gives a detailed description about using an IT based solution for attitude development in children. The main goal of this tool is to encourage healthy attitude development in a child and to motivate good attitude based knowledge improvement through interactive learning environments. The tool developed is based on the affective domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy. It will deliver attitude development to children effectively, efficiently and interactively.
From: Symphony: Attitude Analysis and Development Tool, pp. 603-608. V.Mohanadarshan Sri Lanka Inst. of Info. Tech. S.I.Praveen Sri Lanka Inst. of Info. Tech. M.M.Shareek Ahamed Sri Lanka Inst. of Info. Tech. M.S.M.Zayan Sri Lanka Inst. of Info. Tech. Prasanna S.Haddela Sri Lanka Inst. of Info. Tech. P.Fernando Sri Lanka Inst. of Info. Tech.

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