Friday, December 14, 2012

Information Security Course

ABC Radio Darwin is interview me at 10:15 am about the hacking of medical records. This follws from an interview with ABC South East  . Since then there has been a report of 20,000 student records being obtained from ADFA and published. It happens that the ACS has an Information Security Course starting in the online CPE Program on 20 January 2013. Of course as I said on radio, business can take basic precautions themselves, such as regular backups, having systems software, anti-virus and spam software up to date.
Information Security takes you on a journey through governance, management of information, how to develop strategies, responses to incidents, and information risk management. It has been based on the Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s curriculum for information security, and developed to help you work towards an information security management credential.
It includes five modules, which explore:
  • Governance and information security
  • Developing an information security strategy
  • Information security risk assessment and management
  • Developing an information security development roadmap, common challenges and measuring success
  • Incident management and response. ...
From:  Information Security Course, ACS, 2012

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