Friday, December 14, 2012

Did you see me voting in Canberra?

I have received a letter from the ACT Electoral Commissioner claiming I did not vote in the 20 October 2012 ACT Legislative Assembly election. I filled in an online form at the "Failure to Vote" web page to say I voted at the Belconnen Community Centre. I actually cast a pre-poll vote about a week before the election. I recall asking directions to the polling booth from Wayne Berry, who was campaigning with his  daughter Yvette Berry. If anyone remembers seeing me at the polling booth, please let the commissioner know.

Curiously while I was not offered a receipt for having voted and so cannot prove I did, the electoral commission system issued me with a receipt for having filled in the "Apparent failure to vote" form. 

ps: The ACT Electoral Commissioner needs to change the name of the "Failure to Vote" web site, as at least in this case, it is a failure of the voter recording system, not a failure to vote. I used the electronic voting system to cast my ballot, so hopefully that has been recorded correctly.

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Tom Worthington said...

I received an email from the ACT Electoral Commission accepting that I had voted in the 20 October 2012 ACT Legislative Assembly election and apologising for any inconvenience caused by suggesting otherwise. That is a bit of an anti-climax, I expected to have to find a witness or video or me entering the polling station as evidence that I did vote. But a simple assert by myself was sufficient.