Friday, December 07, 2012

LinkedIn Redirection Loop Problem Fixed

For several weeks I have been unable to used LinkedIn Groups. The Firefox 17.0 browser would go into some sort of redirection loop and just keep displaying "Redirecting". I had not realised how much the daily discussions on ICT, environment and education had become part of my daily routine, until I was unable to access them. What was more frustrating was LinkedIn would email me a list of topics, but I could not go in and reply.

I emailed a fault report to LinkedIn and got a very reply a few days later suggesting I clear the cache and cookies. Just clearing the cookies was sufficient. Apparently this is a problem where you use both the desktop and mobile versions of the website on the one browser. It now works fine.

But I wish that more web sites would provide a "Classic" option with static web pages and less JavaScript, like do.

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