Saturday, December 17, 2011

Journal of Learning Spaces

Swivel DesksThe first edition of the "Journal of Learning Spaces" is available. This is a free open access, referred scholarly journal about the design of physical classrooms and other educational rooms and buildings, as well as virtual on-line learning places.

One nice touch is that the papers are available in HTML as well as PDF format, making them easier to read on-line and particularly useful as readings for an on-line course.

From Vol 1, No 1 (2011):

Table of Contents

Research Manuscripts

Use of swivel desks and aisle space to promote interaction in mid-sized college classrooms (PDF or HTML) by Robert G. Henshaw, Phillip M. Edwards, Erika J. Bagley

Case Studies

New Media: Engaging and Educating the YouTube Generation (PDF or HTML) by Anu Vedantham, Marjorie Hassen

Position Pieces

The Case for a Learning Space Performance Rating System (PDF or HTML) by Elliot Felix, Malcolm Brown

Learning Space Service Design (PDF or HTML) by Elliot Felix

Book Reviews

Book Review of Towards Creative Learning Spaces (HTML) by Stephanie Brooker

Learning Space Spotlight

Noel Studio for Academic Creativity (HTML) by Beth Filar Williams

Field Reports

Having the Conversation: The 2011 LSC Colloquium (HTML) by Michael A Crumpton

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