Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Green IT eBook

Version 2 of the Green IT eBook by Scott Evans, has been released by the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA). The document is intended to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with 10 to 100 staff, to shrink the environmental footprint of computers and telecommunications and use ICT to make other sectors more environmentally efficient.

The book (really a booklet at an easy-to-read 64 pages) is a free 1.3 Mbyte PDF download (but you have to register for it). While described by AIIA in publicity as version 2, the document is marked "Version 1.2 – September 2011".

Unfortunately the well reference text and complex descriptions of Life Cycle emissions are likely to put off the average SME, trying to make a profit. But this material would be of use to my ICT Sustainability students at ANU and ACS.

Generalist staff, even ICT professionals, at an SME are unlikely to have time to worry about the details of green ICT. A better approach would be to provide an overview of what green ICT is and its benefits and then advise the SME to engage specialists to help implement it. The ACS sponsored a certification course on green ICT, which is now also offered by ANU.
Table of Contents
Foreword 1
Executive Summary 2
GreenIT Capability from an Industry Perspective 3
GreenIT Roadmap from an Organisation Perspective 4

Phase 1: Get Started – Reducing the IT Footprint 6
Overview of the Opportunities
Case Studies

Phase 2: Identify Hot Spots – Enterprise Profiling 8
Overview of the Opportunities 23
Case Studies 25

Phase 3: Tackling Hot Spots – Reducing the Enterprise Footprint 29
Overview of the Opportunities 30
Case Studies 32

Phase 4: Stewardship – Reducing the Value Chain Footprint 36
Overview of the Opportunities 37
Case Studies 40

Phase 5: Transformation – Operating in a Low Carbon Economy 48
Overview of the Opportunities 49
Case Studies 51
Case Study Acknowledgements 57
Glossary 58
Endnotes 59

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