Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tweed Hat for Canberra Winter

Harris Tweed Fishing HatA few weeks ago I lost my tweed hat. So I ordered a new Harris Tweed Grouse / Fishing Hat online direct from Harris Tweed and Knitwear on the Isle of Harris. This is the second one I have ordered, having lost the previous one at CeBit Sydney last year.

These hats are called Grouse or fly fishing hats or less poetically "bucket" hats. I ordered the Brown/Blue herringbone, but it looks grey/brown to me. The hat is made by Failsworth Hats.

A few weeks ago I told my optometrist I was having trouble with glare outside during the day, but tests showed no eye problems. As soon as the new hat arrived I put it on and waked outdoors to find the glare gone. Then I recalled I had been wearing a knitted beanie in place of my lost hat. The beanie has no eye-shade and had not been blocking the glare from cold, but sunny, Canberra winter days.

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