Friday, June 03, 2011

Deficiencies in Accounting for MyWay Canberra Bus Tickets

Several weeks ago I sent Canbeera's government owned ACTION bus company two old magnetic stripe tickets to have the usnused portion credited to my new "My Way" smart card bus ticket. Today I received an email from the MyWay Administration office saying this has been done. I used the "check your balance" page to check this had been done (which it had). But curiously the email was vague about when the transaction had happened, saying "Beetween the 20th - 24th". This did not match the date reported by the online system, which was 02/06/2011. The funds appear to be unaccounted for, over a period of a week.

Also the misspelling of "Beetween" in what must be an email sent out to thousands of people is of concern. This suggests that the MyWay system has not been implemented with the care needed for a system handling millions of dollars.

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