Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google Identifying Authors in Web Searches

Google have a new service to identify authors in web searches. The idea is that you create a page about yourself, either a Google Profile, or your own web page. You then include links to that page, with special authorship markup ( rel=”author” ) in the HTML, to indicate who the author is. A Google search will then display your details in the search results. You can have more than one author page, cross-linking them with a link containing rel="me" . There is also more metadata you can include in a web page using markup from As an example, see my Google Profile:
Tom Worthington


Tom Worthington is an IT consultant and has been an expert witness in several court cases involving international patent, computer, web and Internet issues, as well as advising governments and companies on computer problems. He is a Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the Australian National University, where he teaches the design of web sites, e-commerce and professional ethics. In 1999 he was elected a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society for his contribution to the development of public Internet policy.

Bragging rights

Certified Professional, past president, Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the Australian Computer Society, a voting member of the Association for Computing Machinery and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


IT Consultant, Expert Witness and Educator


  • Australian National University
    Adjunct Senior Lecturer, 2008 - present
  • TomW Communications Pty Ltd
    Senior Consultant, 1999 - present

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  • Canberra

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