Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IR and Friends

One of the delights of being associated with a university are the small informal meetings which explore topics in depth. One such event is the fortnightly "IR and Friends" at the CSIRO ICT Center, located on the ANU Campus in Canberra. This brings together people working on Information Retrieval (IR), including web text search and image searching. The next meeting is Monday 11 July 2011, 4pm with Peter Christen on "Privacy-preserving record linkage", in the CSIRO seminar room, ANU CS&IT building.

Much of the discussion I don't understand as the presentations are from advanced computer scientists and mathematicians. But every now and then there is an insight from someone who has just spent a year on analysis of Google's latest search technique, or who works in Microsoft's research labs. Staff from Australia's own FunnelBack web search company also frequently attend (FunnelBack was formed out of CSIRO research).

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