Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Overcoming e-learning challenges

Greetings from my office at the ANU in Canberra, where I am taking part in an online forum with about 25 people around Australia on the topic "Explore the practical challenges in using e-learning". This is one of a weekly series run by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, a federal/state government initiative. This is run using the Elluminate product, over the web.

The good part of this is that people from the vocational education sector demonstrate how to use the technology and that they can use it, for the sessions. They use the facilitates of the technology, such as display of slides, conducting polls of participations, as part of the presentation. What I find annoying is when I am invited to a presentation on e-learning and find it is an old fashioned set of slides with now use of the technology. The Vocational people are showing they know what to do.

The session explored a "
Preview: refreshed Practical guide to e-learning" this is available as web pages and down-loadable as PDF:

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