Friday, January 22, 2010

Kogan Netbook Failure

The AC Adaptor of my Kogan Agora Netbook Pro failed yesterday. I tested it with a multimeter and the power supply reads zero volts. The computer is still working fine.

The adaptor is rated at 20 Volts, 2 amps DC (model: 20K70LF-C201). It happens I have a compatible unit from another computer to tide me over. That unit is a few years old and is twice as large and three times as heavy as the Kogan unit. I suspect it has a large old fashioned, inefficient transformer in it (it gets warm), unlike the electronic modern power sup-plies. But the old transformer still works.

The Kogan was purchased six months ago and so is still under warranty. The adaptors are not repairable so there does not seem much point sending the old one back. So I have written to Kogan asking them to simply send me a new adaptor.


Tom Worthington said...

Kogan have advised they will have a replacement power supply sent Monday.

I didn't have to fill in any paperwork, a mail message with a copy of my original purchase conformation was enough.

I am impressed, or at least will be if the power supply actually turns up. ;-)

Tom Worthington said...

The replacement AC Adaptor for my Kogan Agora Netbook arrived yesterday and is working fine. I was impressed that Kogan did not require a lot of paperwork or ask a lot of questions: I told them is was broken and they sent me a replacement.