Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disaster Management System for Haiti Earthquake

The Sahana Open Source Disaster Management System is being prepared for use in the 2010 Haiti earthquake by a group of volunteers. Relief organisations needing computer support and IT organisations or individuals wishing to offer assistance, can get details at the Haiti Quake 2010 wiki.

Sahana was discussed in: "Emergency response information systems: emerging trends and technologies: Open source software for disaster management", Paul Currion, Chamindra de Silva, Bartel Van de Walle, Communications of the ACM
Volume 50, Number 3 (2007)

It was also mentioned in Sahana was discussed recently in: "Revitalizing computing education through free and open source software for humanity", Ralph Morelli, Allen Tucker, Norman Danner, Trishan R. De Lanerolle, Heidi J. C. Ellis, Ozgur Izmirli, Danny Krizanc, Gary Parker, Communications of the ACM
Volume 52, Number 8 (2009).

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