Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Australian Military Computers

Opentec ruggedised PDAAustralian company OpenTec makes ruggedised portable computers for military and related applications. These units can run ordinary PC applications, as well as specialized military software. So we could see podcasting on the battlefield:
Since 1992, Opentec has been Australia's ONLY local designer and assembler of "ruggedised" mobile computer solutions. Acquired by PNE Industries in September of 2005, additional synergies have been created that make Opentec unique in the world of rugged computing and field-deployable applications.

Because we design and assemble locally, we offer levels of service, as well as levels of customisation, you won't find through resellers of imported product. And because rugged computers are our core business, you'll always experience the levels of technical support you'd expect from a supplier of such specialised equipment.

Our mobile computers and peripherals have been developed expressly for Australian conditions and over the past decade, have evolved to become the most durable field-deployable range on the Australian market. It's that track record that todays sees them used extensively in Defence (Army and Navy), Emergency Services (Police and Ambulance) and Field Service/Support environments around the country, as well as abroad.

And if you want a track record to give you confidence, then you only need consider that Opentec product has been standardised on by DoD Army for major projects, such as Gunnery Control, and Battlefield Command applications; as well as DoD Navy for hydrographic survey applications. When you explore the engineering features of our product, and consider the special applications we've engineered solutions for, you start to understand how it is we've become the largest local supplier of true rugged notebooks, tablets and PDAs.

But we're more than just a supplier of hardware. Our focus is the delivery of solutions for applications as diverse as Asset Management, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), Security and Access Control, Field Operations Management and Mobile Field Personnel Communications. And by partnering with innovative Australian businesses to develop new solutions that meet the needs of Australian and international customers, we continue to lead the way.

From "About Us - Opentec"

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