Friday, February 09, 2007

ACS Digital Library now in Arrow Discovery Service

The ACS Digital Library papers are now included in the ARROW discovery service. Arrow provides an index to scholarly materials from Australian universities, professional, scientific and cultural organisations.

This includes papers such as Dr. Roger Clarke's "Key Aspects of the History of the Information Systems Discipline in Australia".

Arrow reads an OAI standard XML metadata file created by the ACS Digital Library. Thanks to the National Library of Australia for arranging this.

Currently only one issue of the Australasian Journal of Information Systems is available. We are working on getting about 1,500 papers from Australasian Journal of Information Systems and Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology into the system.

ps: How to do this was set a an assignment question for ANU IT for E-Commerce (COMP3410/COMP6341) Question 1, August 2006. But the students had to work it out from first principles, whereas I just used a open source package <>. ;-)

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