Saturday, February 10, 2007

Doing Business in China

Tom Worthington presented with a certificate by the Vice President of the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2008 Olympic GamesThe book "The Chinese Business Puzzle" by Andrew Williamson has a slightly patronizing title, but is useful. It tries to cover everything from how to design your double sided business card (English one side, Chinese the other) to the importance of interpreters and how to arrange a meeting room.

Some of this sounds silly, such as having red banners with the details of the event on the wall in two languages. Even down to what the cups with little lids on them next to each chair are for. But I would have found it useful to read before my talks to the Chinese government delegations in Canberra and visit to Beijing in 2003. Have a look at the photo of when I was presented a certificate by the Beijing Olympic Committee VP, with a red banner in the background and other photos showing the careful room layout.

I have collected up some books, guides, DVDs and even electronic translators for Doing Business in China.

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