Sunday, October 21, 2012

Open Access Week

It is Open Access Week from 22 to 28 October 2012. During the week, university libraries will be hosting talks on making scholarly research more widely available. Some in Australia are:

22 October, Australian National University Promoting research through open access – everything you ever wanted to know
Monday 22nd October – 2.30pm
McDonald Room, Menzies Library
Speaker: Dr Danny Kingsley, Manager Scholarly Communication & ePublishing, with ANU researchers
Summary: This talk aims to provide the background for anyone who wanted to know more about open access but were afraid to ask. The general philosophy of open access is that publicly funded research should be publicly available. The talk will describe the mechanisms for achieving open access, the benefits afforded those who make their work available and the concerns people have about open access. ANU researchers who actively make their work available will discuss their experiences.

23 October Australian National University Copyright and open access in a fast changing landscape
Tuesday 23rd October - 12.30pm
Law Sparke Helmore T2
Speaker: Ellen Broad, Executive Officer, Australian Digital Alliance
Summary: This talk will look at recent issues relating to copyright both overseas and in Australia. Copyright determines what we can and cannot share and recent attempts in the US to enforce copyright online saw an online protest by Wikipedia turning 'off' for 24 hours. In January a proposal for the US Research Works Act - which would make it illegal to have open access a condition of federal research funding - was met with a storm of online protest. Not only was the bill retracted but it spawned an academic boycott of Elsevier in protest of their financial support of the bill. The Australian Law Reform Commission is currently conducting an inquiry into Copyright and the Digital Economy. This is an area to watch. 

24 October
Setting the Default to Open Access: Three Points of ViewBaillieu Library, University of Melbourne This year VALA is celebrating Open Access Week with a panel of three fabulous guest speakers. Each has their own unique perspective on Open Access: the research librarian, the academic and a provider Organized by VALA - Libraries, Technology and the Future Inc

 The NHMRC mandate and you – a guide
Thursday 25th October – 2.30pm
Manning Clarke Lecture Theatre 4
Speaker: Dr Danny Kingsley, Manager Scholarly Communication & ePublishing, ANU
Summary: The National Health & Medical Research Council has recently commenced its open access policy, and things appear to be moving in this direction at the Australian Research Council. But what is a mandate? And how does it affect researchers? This talk will explore the NHMRC mandate, and look at how mandates are managed by publishers, institutions and funders around the world. 

25 October 
Open Scholarship: Research and Publication
from 10am to 12:30pm – Richard Searby Room - hd2.006.1 Melbourne Burwood Campus Deakin University At Deakin University Australia we are celebrating Open Access Week with a symposium on open scholarship, focusing on open access research and publication. Join with other members of the education com

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