Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Free Professional Develop Workshops for Vocational Teachers

The Australian state and federal government fund an excellent free E-leanring Professional Development Workshop Program for vocational teachers. This is run by the Canberra Institute of Technology, but many of the events are online and available anywhere. There are also recordings of past events (some featuring me), notes and free e-learning software.

Coming up:
  1. From classroom to online, 10 May 2012
  2. Creating “easy to access” resources: What formats work best for your students, 22 May 2012
  3. Learning Design Tool, 14 June 2012
Past events:
  1. Learning activities Using QR code
  2. Free web 2.0 code generators
  3. “Deconstructing” Moodle for better learning design
  4. e-Explorers - E-learning Basics
  5. Creating and reusing web based learning resources
  6. Mini course designs for mobile devices

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