Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Green ICT from Queensland Government

The Queensland Government has issued "ICT for tomorrow's Queensland" with a Strategy Document and Action Plan (September 2009). There are six themes: employment, business and skills development, green ICT, internationalisation and regional access.

Some excerpts from the strategy:
Flagship project: smart ICT solutions for climate

This flagship project will implement a range of initiatives to increase business and government awareness of ICT as a tool for reducing the State’s
greenhouse gas emissions through reduced energy consumption and motor vehicle usage.

The ICT industry environment Initiatives

• Promote Queensland ICT technologies to priority industry
sectors through case studies and at targeted industry events
• Showcase Queensland ICT solutions to Government agencies via the Queensland Government Chief Information Office and CITEC
• Implement a Cleantech Enterprise Pipeline by raising the business and commercialisation skills in emerging Cleantech ICT firms and making the investment community and major end-user industries more aware of
opportunities through information seminars and events
• Assist the ICT industry to minimise its environmental footprint, and that of other industries, by promoting the environmental and financial benefits of managing energy more efficiently and minimising waste streams
• Leverage ICT industry development opportunities flowing from the Queensland Government’s new $15 million Climate Smart Business Service to begin in July 2010, assisting small-to-medium sized business to access a
range of advice and assistance to lower their greenhouse gas emissions
• Support the promotion of ICT-based green solutions such as intelligent transport systems to reduce congestion and solutions for improved e-government service delivery ...

From: ICT for tomorrow's Queensland: Strategy Document, Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, he State of Queensland, September 2009

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