Thursday, July 09, 2009

Registration of Education Agents in India and Australia

The Indian government is reported to be drawing up laws for registering education agents sending Indian students abroad. Australian universities work through authorised education agents (such as agents for ANU), but currently education agents are not licensed in Australia. Perhaps Australian and India should draw up complementary legislation and have a common registration system for agents. It is not clear how regulations would cover students doing courses over the web. As an example students in India and China can do COMP7310: Green ICT Strategies at ANU without leaving home.

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Unknown said...

I would beg to differ on perception that education agents in Australia are not registered with those responsible possibly not wishing to acknowledge publicly their responsibilities.

Under ESOS Act.(DEEWR) there are very clear regulations not only registering training providers but also their responsibilities to ensure agents adhere to National Code of Conduct.

What is needed are federal and state public servants to ensure existing quality processes are followed,and to gain feedback from international candidates on their experience.